top 7 tips for Sustainable Events


Change is happening in the events industry, with a lot of event managers switching to sustainable practices to lessen the effects of events on the environment. Keep reading to find our top 7 tips to make your next event super sustainable.

1. Rethink plastic - do the dishes!

This is an easy one, and you’d be surprised just how much paper and plastic dishes, plates and straws are thrown out at the end of an event. Use crockery, cutlery which you can re-use and ditch the straws altogether - if you need straws consider stainless steel, washable straws.

2. Repurpose flowers & choose local

Florals look amazing at events, but are too often wasted or thrown away. Think about how you can give these a second life - working alongside charities to deliver to sick patients, giving these to guests as a keepsake or using them in art to flower-press and keep forever. The possibilities are endless!

3. Projection/technology over printing

There’s a million ways you can cut down on printing for events, starting from event conception. Save the dates and invites can be sent electronically and decorations and imagery can be projected instead of printed. Take time to think if your event requires printed elements.

4. Partner with Food Bank WA

We all love leftovers, but sometimes over-catering can lead to massive waste in the kitchen. If you have unused, sealed products, partner with a local charity such as Food Bank WA to help hungry Australians in need - you’ll feel great!

5. Collaborate for gift bag items - do you even need a gift bag?

Don’t over-produce branded items that your guests will likely lose or throw out. Instead, collaborate with your favourite local brands for sample or full-sized products your guests will go crazy for (and post all over their socials!). Consider if you even need gift bags, if you decide YES - make them reusable.

6. Design purpose-built event gear for multi-use rather than single-use

Building your own sets that you can use for a tonne of other events will not only lessen the effects on the environment but will also save you moolah! You can even hire these items out to others throwing events.

7. Choose zero-waste venues

Work together with like-minded venues to ensure you have the same event and sustainability goals. Our personal fave is Feld & Co, who use Green Power only, turn their food waste into compost and include re-usable cutlery, plates and glassware at no extra cost.

Sustainable events are the future! For more tips and tricks on how to create the most sustainable event possible, tune into Behind The Clipboard Season 2, Episode 1 here.

Cassie & the Team xx