top 5 tips to MAXIMISE your event fundraising!


Are you running an event for a good cause? Read on for our top 5 tips to get your event guests to give and give and give!


1. Who’s going to your event? Match the fundraising activities to your guests

Consider what demographic is attending your event. Different demographics have different interests, so use these to create the ideal auction items, raffle prizes and lucky dip winnings. A room full of 18-25 year old’s will likely be there to drink their ticket money’s worth of alcohol and bid on young, fun and inexpensive auction items, whilst well-established business professionals have a higher disposable income and are able to donate larger sums of money and bid on expensive, all-inclusive holidays and experiences.


2. Keep overall expenses down with collabs and sponsorship to smash your fundraising goals

Utilise your local community and suppliers to help reduce your event costs. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts, let them know the cause you are fundraising for and your budget. If your event is for a good cause, you’d be surprised at how many people and businesses are willing to donate, discount or volunteer! Surround your event with supportive, like-minded professionals and suppliers and offer collaborations when possible.


3. Consider the format of the event and the time required for fundraising activities

Allow enough time for the activities you have planned. For silent auctions, ensure that there are enough breaks between formalities and entertainment so people can actually participate. If you are running a silent auction auction, promote clear starting bids and specify bidding increments to avoid silly bids and underselling your items. The fundraising activities bring in the big bucks, so make sure they are the champion of your event.


4. Consider tech solutions for your fundraising

Not everyone carries cash anymore – tablets and Square payment consoles are wireless, easy to use and enable people to pay with debit and credit cards seamlessly. Use apps and websites such as Galabid and Givergy for live auctions, which can be a fun way to see bidding wars play out IRL. Everyday Hero and Go Fund Me are handy sites for peer-to-peer fundraising, whilst ticket sites such as Ticketbooth and Eventbrite enable you to add a donation element at the time of ticket purchase.


5. Have clear fundraising goals

Make your guests aware of what to expect at your event. Do they need to bring cash with them or will card-payment consoles be available? Is the whole event based around auctions and purchasing items? What fundraising activities will there be and what are the costs associated? The more your guests know, the more they can prepare to give to your cause.


Fundraising mechanisms:

·      Raffles

·      Major auctions

·      Silent auctions

·      Wine walls

·      Pledge/donations

·      Fine money/cheat passes at quiz nights

·      Corporate matched giving

·      Sweepstakes

·      Selling donated products (sausage sizzles, cake stalls, Cadbury drives etc.)

·      Peer-to-peer fundraising

·      Social media challenges (shave your head, ice bucket challenge etc.)

·      Post-event follow-up

·      Ticket money profits

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Cassie Hunter