Scott Guerini’s Book Launch


What were you doing when you were four years old? Finger painting? Learning to read? A bit of nose picking, perhaps? Well Scott Guerini was becoming a philanthropist.  Now at age eleven, as you may have seen on Channel 7 News, this young man, and an inspiration to many, celebrated the launch of his first book!

Since the age of four, Scott has been fundraising for Telethon by walking marathons. So far he’s raised over 120 thousand dollars. This extraordinary feat lead to the creation of his first book “Did you know you can Change the World?”. 

When Scott’s mother, Nicole, called out through social media for assistance and tips on planning a book launch, Known Associates immediately put our hand up to donate our time, expertise and network to a family who shared our values of ‘paying it forward’.

With less than three weeks until the launch date and almost no budget, we worked our magic to create the ‘book party’ (Scott thought ‘launch’ sounded like snoresville) of Scott’s dreams. As our network of groovy people and BIG hearts spans far, finding sponsors for this incredible kid was an easy task. Cake popsmacaronsraw salted caramel cheesecake, a fruit plattercanapés and punch were bountifully donated by our sponsors listed below. Everything was so delicious it was hard not to overindulge…did someone say food coma!?

The result was a beautiful morning captured by Channel 7 News and attended by people who have supported Scott on his journey of selfless benevolence. The greatest part of the event was listening to Scott’s generous young soul inspire the room. He is an authority on giving and, for an eleven-year-old, is definitely someone we should be looking up to, no matter how tall you are.

Team KAE with sponsor, Tracey Arnett, & Scott

It was a blessing to help Scott and his superstar mother, Nicole, in the making of this event. Scott’s philosophy of giving back to the community is exactly what KAE is about. You are an inspiration and role model to all of us at KAE. What an honour it was to work with you!  Wildcat’s Captain, Damian Martin (pictured below with Nicole Guerini), attended the launch and writes a paragraph in the book praising Scott’s positivity and selflessness.

The icing on the cake as guests left? Lolly bags; “A necessity,” says Scott.

– Team KAE  xoxo

To purchase Scott’s book “Did you know you can Change the World?” for only $20.45 click here. All proceeds go to Telethon to support sick kids and babies.

Thank you to our event sponsors: Livin Lovin PerthSnow White CakesBelladonnas Sweet TreatsKristen Pavez HealthHerdsman Inspiring FoodsTelethon 7Tom’s Talk Time