3 tips for Perfect Event Photography!


Having amazing event photos is one of the best ways to showcase the elements that made your event fabulous. It’s also a great post-event marketing tool for your next event, and it creates memories for your guests. Good photos = good memories! Read on for our top 3 tips to make sure your event and guests look extraordinary in photos.


1.     Choose the right photographer

Capture authentic images that live up to expectations by choosing a photographer that makes guests feel comfortable and at ease. Consider that many guests may have a fear of approaching a photographer and are unsure of what poses and positions will look best on camera. A good photographer will direct guests and be able to produce natural reactions that make your guests SHINE. Hint: They’re also a pro at catching candid shots!


2.     Know the images you need

Compile a ‘must have’ shot list to send to your photographer at least 48 hours before your event. This way they know precisely what to capture using a list to check off throughout the event. Send through your event run sheet so your photographer will know when and where they need to be located in the room. For example, if photos of food are a ‘must have’, make sure your photographer gets these BEFORE the food has been devoured by guests - you may need to assist.


3.     Have the correct tools for the job

A major determinate of the quality of your photos is good ole’ lighting. If you’re not sure about what lighting needed, consult with your photographer who can advise you on what will work best based on the venue. They may also be able to bring their own lighting in if needed. Tell your photographer what style of photos you are after to make sure they bring the right lenses and apply the correct filters to the edits.


To hear more about how to get the perfect shots, listen to Episode 10 of the Behind The Clipboard podcast here, with expert event photographer and notorious Insta-husband, Alex Howell.

Cassie & The Team xo