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Well heyyyyyyy! Welcome to Behind the Clipboard! In today's episode, find out a bit about your hosts and deep dive into the traits it takes to live this crazy Event Manager life, either full-time or dabbling in events because you know, you HAVE to for your job/small biz/sanity! 

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Ever come home from an event and said it was the best ever because of the food? Or the opposite, so bad you were starving and had to pull in for a burger on your way home after spending your hard earned $$ on 'gourmet' carrot sticks?

We break down the best food styles for various events, how to tackle curly dietary requirements and more. This topic is so broad we can only just skim the surface in 25 minutes so expect FOOD 2.0 soon, complete with foodie interviews with Perth's best.

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Run sheets - the bible of any event. This is a document which can make or break you if not well thought out and executed correctly.

'It's just the timing of when things happen during the event, isn't it?' we hear many say. Oh no no no, my friend. It's that and so much more. Tune in is as we unpack all the things that should be packed in a run sheet, including a 'please explain' of many event acronyms. Let's go!

Bonus EXTRA: Downloadable run sheet template to get you on your merry way. Also, those crazy acronyms explained in one easy-to-refer-to list, over on the FB page: Behind the Clipboard, Expert Event Tips. Enjoy!

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