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Get your mallet ready. We're ending Season 2 in the legal offices with media law expert, Roger Blow from Cove Legal.

You'll learn about:

*Working with influencers - what your contract should include

*Social media and online liability and protection

*Sharing photos taken at events - do you need permission? What can the consequences be? 

*We somehow dip into Brazilian butt lifts and the legal processes when an influencer ain't happy...

*Fyre Festival - ugh! Yes we did...

*Roger's secret side-hustle as a muso and DJ. "Hell cool" DJ Rogue is legit!

Errrrybody loves a party for a good cause. But there's a trick to getting it right and a few rules and regulations you should know before you start planning.

Join us in the Green Room with Fraser's Group Director of Beverages and Taste Wine Australia's experienced Sommelier, William Roser!

We discuss choosing the right wines for your event, how to do it well, and why thinking outside the SSB and shiraz box is always a good thing.

We also touch on the booze-free movement and inclusion for people who do not want to drink alcohol at an event, but still want decent beverages.


Yep, we’re opening the envelope and retrieving the low down on invitations and how to get them right. So lay back and enjoy the ride all the way to your inbox, or letterbox, or place of work, or front door…

We’re in the Green Room with Nadia Owen, Meetings & Special Events Sales Manager, Optus Stadium.

We break down why it’s become an icon of Perth City, explore all its spaces and innovative flexibility, and discuss why it’s just taken out the prestigious architecture prize as the most beautiful sporting facility in the WORLD. We also talk Perth as a destination and why everyone should be watching this space as Nadia delves into the who, what and why of Perth's man-made crown jewel.

Today we delve into the C word... AKA collaboration, and its pal, sponsorship. We cover what we mean by those words, how to manage those relationships and what it could translate to for your event or business.

Our guest on the Green Room couch this week is donut Lovin', always excited and exciting, Social Media Expert Brooke from Villa Management!

We ask all the questions you want answers to when it comes to selling and exploding your events on social media and event related social media tips.

Sneak peek: ALWAYS ALWAYS have an event hashtag! Always.

Today we get raw about our event fails in the hope that you can learn from our, sometimes epic, mistakes. From drunken MCs to dodgy AV, we share a few stories about what not to do, and the lessons we learnt.

If you’ve never heard of Lala McNab of Lala Designs, you’re about to get wrapped up in her wisdom and passion, embossed with infectious laughter. ⁣

Not only is she one of Australia’s leading event stationers, she is a treasure trove of business advice, especially concerning the art of genuine, old fashioned customer service at the core of a craft.  ⁣

This was one of the most riveting and enjoyable interviews we’ve done to date and we can’t wait to share her story and tips with our BTC community. Enjoy!

Mel, Krystle and Tam are back for Behind the Clipboard - Season 2, educating and delivering pearls of experienced wisdom to event planners on all things events!

This recording went wild with discussion on sustainability. Let’s face it, the events industry is notoriously rubbish, pun intended, when it comes to being sustainable. But...

⁣⁣Change. Is. Happening! ⁣⁣Tune in for a frank discussion on ways you can make a difference at your events. It's time.

This week in the Green Room we talk to omnipresent event photographer, Alex Howell, who shares his tips on how to book the right event photographer, what information to tel them, and how to create those amazing images which will have your event everlasting in the social pages, marketing material, social media and beyond! Get ready to be schooled!

We apologise in advance for the rampant sexual connotations throughout this podcast which we were largely unaware of until the episode was edited. Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording!

Enjoy, Krystle, Mel and Tam :)

This week we deep dive into the mystery of dress codes - how to phrase it, what the rules are, what is ‘Black Tie’ exactly, anyway? 

A dress codes can be an integral part of the event or it can be less important but it should always be thoughtfully addressed in some capacity.  Tune in for the top tips on allocating a dress code to your event!

We step back into the Green Room to interview Blake Williams, lead singer of one of Perth's most sort after event bands! In this candid conversation, Blake gleans insight into how bands can be so much more than just the people who rock up and play music for your event.

We talk about set lists, riders, expectations and so much more.

Even as seasoned Event Professionals, we learned something in our time with Blake and we can't wait to share this with you!

BTC - Expert Event Tips with a side of humour!

We all know location is key but how do you decide between the same hotel everyone's been to and a hidden cave or private residence no-one has heard of? We break down the pros and cons of choosing a location for your event.

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We all know the best events are those which throw in elements of surprise and wow-factor. But how and where are these ideas shaped, nurtured and brought to fruition? We're breaking down creative processes including how to make a mood board and tapping into your creative genius to form show-stopping events!

* We apologise in advance for the crazy antics in this particular podcast recording. Giggles all round but we get serious eventually. Don't judge us. We're creatives!

This week in the Green Room we chat with furniture hire goddess, Owl and Bear Founder, Chiara Milford. Chiara explains how she keeps ahead of the trends, or indeed, bucks the trends altogether, sharing some great anecdotes and horror stories with Tam and Krystle (Mel's MIA on a boat - not jealous at all).

She also delves into the current twist in her professional journey which has all her fans loving her even more!

Catch you in the Green Room, spunks!

Run sheets - the bible of any event. This is a document which can make or break you if not well thought out and executed correctly.

'It's just the timing of when things happen during the event, isn't it?' we hear many say. Oh no no no, my friend. It's that and so much more. Tune in is as we unpack all the things that should be packed in a run sheet, including a 'please explain' of many event acronyms. Let's go!

Bonus EXTRA: Downloadable run sheet template to get you on your merry way. Also, those crazy acronyms explained in one easy-to-refer-to list, over on the FB page: Behind the Clipboard, Expert Event Tips. Enjoy!

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Ever come home from an event and said it was the best ever because of the food? Or the opposite, so bad you were starving and had to pull in for a burger on your way home after spending your hard earned $$ on 'gourmet' carrot sticks?

We break down the best food styles for various events, how to tackle curly dietary requirements and more. This topic is so broad we can only just skim the surface in 25 minutes so expect FOOD 2.0 soon, complete with foodie interviews with Perth's best.

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Well heyyyyyyy! Welcome to Behind the Clipboard! In today's episode, find out a bit about your hosts and deep dive into the traits it takes to live this crazy Event Manager life, either full-time or dabbling in events because you know, you HAVE to for your job/small biz/sanity! 

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