top 5 tips for seamless event invites


Event invitations are arguably the most important part of any event. You can have the best-planned event in the world, but it won’t mean a thing if nobody shows up to experience it! Keep reading to find our top 5 tips for perfect event invites.

1. Get creative with the type of invitation

Don’t settle for standard invites. Think outside the box and create invites guests will love and share with their friends, family and social media. Cakes, flowers, candles and chocolates are examples of bespoke items you can customise to WOW guests.

2. Match the invite look and feel to your event

Keep your event theme and concept consistent throughout all collateral. Invitations determine first impressions. Make the tone and design are eye-catching, consistent and on theme.

3. Customise your invite timeline to the style of event

Guests should receive their invites in the appropriate time frame to avoid no-shows and event clashes. The ideal invite timeline for free events is 4-6 weeks, whilst ticketed event invites can be sent up to 4-5 months out.

Use the guide below to assist in your invite timeline:

  • Anniversary Party: 3 - 6 weeks

  • Bon Voyage Party: Last moment - 3 weeks

  • Charity Ball: 6 - 12 weeks

  • Christmas Party: 4 weeks

  • Cocktail Party: 1 - 4 weeks

  • Formal Dinner: 3 weeks - 6 months

  • Informal Dinner: Several days - 3 weeks

4. Keep the invite copy short, sharp and catchy

People want to know the basics upfront: what’s the event? Where is it? Why do they need to go and do they need to bring anything? List essential info at the top of your invites, with extra info including parking, food and refreshments listed after. The less copy you have, the more the emphasised information will stand out.

5. Check, check and check again - once it’s gone out with the wrong details on it, it’s too late!

Get your colleagues to look over your invite to check spelling and key event information is correct before it’s sent. A fresh set of eyes will pick up what you may have missed.

Utilise our Top 5 Tips and you’ll be killing the invite game in no time! Tune into Behind The Clipboard Season 2 Episode 7 here to learn more about how to create seamless event invites.