top 5 tips to create an Influencer Contract to Market your Event


Social media influencers can sell-out events in a heartbeat! It’s important when working with influencers marketing your event to manage your expectations through an air-tight contract, ensuring both parties know exactly what it expected from them. Read on for our top 5 tips for creating a great influencer contract.  


1.     Detail how many posts they will do for you and what the caption will say.

Do you want them to think of the caption themselves? Or would you prefer them to copy and paste a caption of your own? The best captions are those that are genuine and match the personality and brand of the influencer. Include the relevant hashtags and account tags that must be included and highlight any points that should NOT be included such as third party businesses.


2.     Confirm the time of the day and what day of the week will they post.

Ensure you request their peak days and times to gain maximum exposure for your event. You may ask for screenshots of their Instagram or Facebook statistics to determine what day/time will work best.


3.     Clarify how long will their post about your event remain on their feed.

Most influencers curate their feed regularly and often take out paid/sponsored posts unless otherwise stated in the contract. Confirm the time frame the post must stay up if not indefinitely to avoid disappointment.


4.     Ensure they will never say anything bad about your brand in public.

No matter what goes down between you, keep it professional by ensuring no negative posts, stories or comments are made about you, your brand or your business together.


5.     Avoid using the word ‘vibe’ in the contract as it is ambiguous and can lead to confusion with both parties.

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