Last Minute tips for the Perfect Work Chrissy Party


If Christmas time isn’t busy enough, it’s also time for the yearly staff Christmas party. As the trend this year seems to be November, you may have already gotten wild with your work fam. And while the thought of your Chrissy party may trigger some serious PTSD of bad karaoke, boring convo’s and NO food whatsoever (personally our worst fear), do not stress! Team KAE have put together a list of our last minute tips to consider when planning the perfect work Chrissy party.

#1. TIMING. 

Don’t feel the need to cram your party into the hectic Christmas schedule. Think about what will work best for your team AND your business. Is it a weekday or weekend? During the day-time or night-time? Don’t be scared to move your party forward til January or even later in the year- Christmas in July anyone?! Take a leaf out of KAE’s books where this year we are having our Chrissy Do’ on a Thursday arvo to fit in best with all our busy work schedules.

#2: WHAT. 

Put some serious time into thinking about what everyone in your team will actually enjoy doing. Consider what everyone’s interests are and the age range of your team. Whilst you may be set on a weekend-long bender in town, others might not be so keen. Don’t be scared to think outside the box and do something totally different and out-there; it is the silly season after all.

Last but certainly NOT least: BUDGET

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want to do, you can work out how to get the most out of your party budget. Perhaps someone in your team is a killer stylist on the DL and can help put together some kick-ass styling for a fraction of the cost, or someone is friends with one of the best caterers in town and can secure some serious mates’ rates. Pool together your resources and get everyones input, teamwork is key!

Take note of how your party goes this year, and keep these tips in mind for next year because hey, it’s almost 2019!

Cassie and the Team xoxo