Run Sheets- What are they and why do all event gurus go so GAGA over them? 


Here at KAE we know that a good run sheet can be the difference between a well thought-out, fantastically-timed event and an epic disaster. But what are they exactly? And why are they so damn crucial?

For event professionals, the run sheet is better known as the ‘HOLY BIBLE’, where we can look to for guidance on all things suppliers, entertainment, catering, styling and timing. A quick flick through the run sheet should give anyone a sense of what the event is and what will be happening on the day.

The first page of the run sheet holds all key dates and venues, as well as contact info for all suppliers, including what they will be providing for the event. Contact numbers are a must, as there’s nothing worse than a no-show supplier, and having no means of contacting them! Some of the suppliers you’ll see on our run sheets include the venue, AV, catering and drinks service, furniture hire, stylist, photographer and DJ. Send us a message to find out some of our personal fave suppliers!

The next few pages give us the ultimate plan from bump-in (event speak for set-up) to bump-out (pack-up). Timings are crucial, with which suppliers are bumping in when and where, who has access to loading docks and needs electrical outlets, and what they will be doing. Making sure suppliers arrive in the appropriate order is key, for example dance floors must be in place before any structures or tables can be secured upon it. Sounds super-simple but you would be surprised at how overlooked this can be!

After bump-in is over, your space is looking super-spunky and all necessary suppliers have left the building, it should almost be time for the event itself! The run sheet timings will change to accomodate speakers and their speeches, food services, activities, entertainment and performers. Having these down to a T will make life a lot easier, and setting alarms on your phone alongside the run sheet can be a useful way to keep you on your toes all event long.

If you’re super-organised like us, a layout floor plan attached at the back of your run sheet will make it super-handy when wondering what’s going where and how it should all look at the end of bump-in.

A copy of the run sheet should be distributed to all of your event suppliers, as well as anyone working your event. This way, everyone is on top of bump-in and bump-out details, as well as what they are responsible for on the day.

Click here for a run sheet template created by yours truly to help you get started with your own bangin’ events! Check out the Behind The Clipboard podcast episode 3 here for more info on Run Sheets from our 3 lovely hosts.

Cassie and the Team xoxo