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I want to hold a charity fundraiser in Perth and don’t know where to start. What’s first?

This is one we hear all the time. Decide on a dollar amount goal, amount of people you would like to attract and style of event. From there you can choose a venue that suits both your potential clientele and your budget. In Perth, we’re spoilt for choice for medium size venues, and our beautiful weather allows us to hold outdoor events of any size. If you get stuck, call us for some advice. We’ve held events all over Perth, in well-known and secret venues!

I want my event professionally managed. How much will Event Management cost?

Each event Known Associates produces is individual and stylised to client needs. We consider every client carefully and work within your budget to get the job done – and done well! On average, you can estimate Management fees to cost from 10-20% of the overall event budget, depending on your unique requirements.

I want to get into Premium Event Management in Perth. Am I right for the job?

You absolutely must love attention to detail and hard work! Both mental and physical; be a little, ok a lot, obsessive; enjoy creatively pushing boundaries; love late nights and early mornings – often in that order; love celebrating an unexpected cost cut which allows room for more ‘wow’ factor for your client; love people from all walks of life and the thrill of the challenge in getting it right just for them; love seeing your hard work culminate in a joyous occasion which will be talked about for years to come!