Media Launch Pop Up Event

 Secrets in the Garden – Media Launch at Garden City, 3 Feb. 2016.

Known Associates Events relished the task of creating a pop-up event space for the Secrets in the Garden Media Launch. Want the inside scoop on how it went down? Read on!

The Invite

An air of mystery surrounded this event beginning with specialty invitations designed by KAE Director, Tamara Cook. Embracing the “vintage/boho” trend these invites would impress any tricked-up grandma with street cred. A week of zipping in and out of thrift stores, consulting with flower masters, Kaleidoscope Flowers and calligrapher Shelan Creatives, and carefully crafting words to make a girl’s heart burst and we were ready to serve our cups of PositiviTEA to media and special guests.

Our team hand-delivered 110 overflowing vintage teacups, seducing the recipient’s senses with plump garden roses nestled in foliage and herbs. Complete with a personalised teabag, the PositiviTEA reminded the invitee they were appreciated & fabulous. Unsurprisingly we had a great response, welcoming 100 of Perth’s key media and bloggers to the pop-up event.

The Event

With stealth our team entered the top-secret location of Garden City shopping centre after-hours to build an enchanting garden scene from the ground up. Complete with lush green grass, live hedging, bloom upon bloom all encased in white picket fencing, by 2am the scene was set for a flourish of swanky Secret Women’s Business.

Welcomed in with a racey Aphrodisiac Herbal Shot, guests were directed upstairs by a majestic silver fairy. Entering a mini “Secrets in the Garden event” they devoured tasty morsels by Nood food and The Good, the Bad and the Hungry, washed down with locally made Westwinds Gin-spiked cocktails by The Juicist.     

Throw in shoulder massages, make-up touch ups, abundant advice on finding the best version of you, inspirational speakers, fashion, Jungle Body and the gorgeous DJ Mishtee spinning summer beats, and the guests were in pamper/networking/foodie heaven! Smiles in the photo booth, a gift bag on the way out and our work was complete.

The after-hours pack down was a snap compared to the install; by 10pm the summer garden pop-up was nothing but a whisper in the shopping mall’s arms. See you next time, Garden City!