Top 5 Tips to Create the Ultimate Event Kit PLUS Your Downloadable Must-Have List


What is an event kit I hear you ask? An event kit is a collection of handy objects an event manager carries with them to any event and includes everything they may need on the day to fix a small mishap or avert major crisis! Read on for our top 5 tips to create the ultimate event kit.


Tip 1: Over prepare! Always prep for a tsunami.

In the events industry, there is a bombardment of things that could go wrong on event day from laptops dying, signage falling down and props breaking. This is where your trusty event kit comes in handy. Remember you can never prepare TOO much for event mishaps, and you’d rather have too many solutions than not enough.


Tip 2: Label everything in your event kit – things disappear on site.

Make sure you name and label everything in your kit, there’s nothing worse than realising during bump-out someone has “accidentally'“ taken your laptop charger or your gaffa tape. Avoid endless searches and replacing equipment by labelling.


Tip 3: Have your event kit on wheels or easy to transport.

Depending on the number of items in your event kit, it can get real heavy real quick! Much like a regular suitcase, your kit will be much easier to transport to and from events if it’s on wheels (and this leaves your other hand free to carry even more event essentials like your mobile).


Tip 4: Create a mini kit within your event kit – some days you need to leave the big kit in the car.

Sometimes your super-sized event kit won’t fit or be allowed into a venue, meaning that a mini-kit is a must. Make sure you know your event inside-out and choose the essentials you’ll need. If worse comes to worse, a quick dash to the car is always an option.


Tip 5: Perform a checklist before going on site (ensuring nothing’s used or missing).

You’re in the car and ready to go - but wait! Have you checked you event kit? Save yourself the hassle of realising far too late that your clipboards are at home and your pens have run out. A quick checklist will avoid time, stress and tears in the long run.


Click here for a downloadable list of the must-have event kit supplies.


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Cassie & the Team xoxo